Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I've started blogging since high school back in 2009.
It's been quite some time ever since.
However, I decided to start new and fresh in creating a blog that could express my thoughts better.

Wouldn't be shutting this down because there are so many memories written in it.
Haha, those days when I'm still young and naive.
The way I wrote my blog and how I express it.

New blog here!

Friday, January 8, 2016

What Do You Think About Charging Your Friend The Petrol Fees?

 So just recently, I notice a lot people shared this post (it's written in Chinese) on Facebook that voice out the inner thoughts of the driver and I saw quite a number of my friends shared it out and comment about how they could relate to it.
It recalls upon the other time when I heard the others that complained about their friends who charged them for the petrol fees and they then feel the driver is kiamsiap (stingy in cantonese) and etc.
A few thoughts came into my mind and I needed to express them out.

First thing first,
The thing about friendship is,
We became friends because we click,
As you have signed up to be my friend,
we have come to an invisible agreement that says :
'I'll be there when you need me.'
So that's why we share joy and sorrow carry each other's burden together.

The irony thing is,
It seems most only wanted to share the joy but not the burden.
 You wanna hang out to chill and have fun together, yet you're not willing to pay for the price.
Well, when you call that friend your friend, wasn't it because you guys had this chemistry that is mutual and also something in common?
As a friend, you support and trust your friend.
So if that person is requesting for a share of petrol fee, what's the big deal?!?!
You say that person is kiamsiap because as a friend he/she is not suppose to charge you.
But I say exactly because that person is your friend that it would have been good that you could try to understand the fact that your friend is paying the petrol fees out of his/her own pocket.
I'm 100% certain people who usually charge their friends petrol fees pay the petrol fees on their own.
Speaking in the context as a student's perspective where they were to fork out from their own meager pocket money or even from the PTPTN loan.

It made me furious seeing the others gossip about their friends over such minor issue.
Especially if your friend is purposely sending you to your destination which is so not on the way.
C'mon, your friend incurred that amount of money and time and took a detour to make sure you arrive at your destination sacrificing the time he/she could have spent reaching his own place earlier.

Just because your friend is able to give you a ride occasionally, that doesn't mean you could order your friend around to send you here and there.
Being generous doesn't mean he/she is allowed to be taken for granted. 
If he/she doesn't feel like going out, please appreciate their feelings, they are human after all.
So it'd have been great that you take into account the driver's needs as well.
They may have moments where they just wanna stay home and enjoy their own sweet time.
If you really wanna head somewhere and you need a ride, call taxi la.

You see how a lot people are so demanding when it comes to driver.
They expect the driver to
drive a nice car;
be a diligent driver on the road;
not step on the brake pedal abruptly;
knows how to take care of their passenger;
and etc.
Then right after they make an evaluation of that driver and if that person is good he/she gets additional bonus mark as an individual for being a great driver.

do you know your driver is also evaluating you?
Whether you
eat on their car;
close the door abruptly;
help to look for a parking spot; 
keep the driver entertained while they drive;
and etc.
Trust me, we drivers notice all this thoughtful act you all did as well.
You need to especially take note when you have met driver who take really good care of their.
To the point that the car is their baby which practically means their life.
It is always nice to ask for permission before eating on the car because it shows you have manners and concerned about the driver's feelings.

What I'm trying to say is just,
instead of always thinking what the driver could offer you,
think also about as a passenger what you could have offer as well.

I didn't made it a mandatory request to charge my friend for petrol, toll, parking and etc. because I didn't wanna make it seem like an obligation.
Besides, if I do so, what is the difference between me and a taxi driver then?
Well, I personally feel friends that truly care would have understand to share for the cost and if they did it voluntarily out of their own will, it would have been more meaningful.
Because if you were to force them to pay, yeah, you may then not have suffer any losses, but then this would turn out to be something obligatory and they are not happy and could not understand.
What's the point then?
People, if you have friends like that, congratulations, these are the friends you truly need to treasure and cherish, they are a keeper.

I as a driver myself are would be extremely grateful and touched when someone could have made an offer and step upfront to help pay for the parking ticket or even offer you their touch n go card.
Or putting it in another way, treating your friend to a meal once in a while as an act of appreciation.
Trust me, the drivers would be more than happy because everybody loves being appreciated instead of being treated as a mode of free taxi.
Drivers could probably relate to this.
It wasn't until I start fetching people that I got to be thankful about all this small lil action my passengers have once offered.
I'm also regretful for all the times when I have taken the others for granted for fetching me.
Hence, I'd love to express my gratitude to those who has once fetch me before

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lessons I’ve Learnt Being The Class Representative

[Flashback to Sept 14’]
Where my classmates were discussing about who to be nominated as the class rep.
I was this timid person who wants to volunteer myself but I was too shy.
There are already clique in my class with people knowing each other since Diploma years.
My gang looks way smaller in comparison with only 4 of us girls.
Hence the thought of volunteering vanished as I’m afraid nobody would root for me.
However in the end, the nominees themselves didn’t wanna take up the post and was pushing the ball around.
I raised up my hand and volunteer for myself at the moment.
And give a solution where I elect another of my friend as my assistant class rep.
I did it!

Half a month passed till year 2015.
It has been a year since I took up this post.
I had learn so much throughout the years.
Believe it or not, I was this blur and directionless student back in my Diploma years.
I have no idea when is the mid term test,
I skip practically 2 weeks of classes at the start of every semester.
I never read up the tutorial homework until the week before final.

I then decided to change.
I wanted to be a better person and a more alert student myself.
To be at least aware of my surroundings and knowing what’s happening.
That’s why I thought being a class rep would be a challenge.
As there would be more responsibility involved and to be more alert than the others.
Well, up until now, I would say, yes, I was right.
It does require more responsibility and to be more aware of any changes.

Clear communication as an agent between tutor and student
Well, this isn't that tough of a job.
For a lazy person like me, I literally copy paste everything received from the tutor.
Firstly, to prevent distorting the content of the message.
Second, it is faster this way than to retype and interpret haha.
There was this one time our tutor had to cancel the tutorial class at 8am.
She messaged me around 5am but I only woke up and saw the message at 7am.
The perks of living at the hostel, I got to wake up later than those who need to drive their way.
Anyway, I thought of messaging everybody personally would be such a waste of my credit.
Hence, I only SMS the representative from each group who drives their way to college and told them to pass the message.
As they would prob be the one who would wake up earlier than the other.
I learn to pass down the message more effectively.

The Face of The Class
A student dialogue would be held at the end of every semester.
It is the class rep’s duty to gather the student’s feedback for every semester for anything they wish to recommend or complain.
And like what the others say, what is done is done.
By the time it reaches the end of the semester, even if students were to have any dissatisfaction, they would most likely already endure through the semester already.
I try to voice out as many as I can in every dialogue even when I knew nothing could be change for the time being.
Being the representative means doing things on behalf, I'm delegated with the responsibility in raising my classmates' concerns.

Consider options before making decisions.
There was this one incident where I had to Photostat for the notes.
I had gone for one which gives convenience over location without much consideration for a few cents difference.
Little did I know a few cents may cost up to such huge amount of difference.
I was guilty for quite a period of time and was devastated.
Ever since then, I learn that the next time before I were to make any decision that involves money,
It’s always important to learn to survey around for the best price first.

Unleashing the full potential of my phone’s capability.
Wherever there is class replacement, I would always remark them in the calendar of my phone.
That’s because I have the memory of a goldfish, I forget things really fast.
To-do list is another must-have app to remind me to print, to remind me to remind my classmate there is class replacement haha.
Before I post anything to the group, I draft out my post in the notepad and proofread first.
Random number generator app has prove itself useful as it helped me through so many lucky draws.
I learn to fully utilize my smart phone.
Now it really is smart enough and capable to help remind me and get things done.

Knowing what to say and what not to say.
To be honest, I really don’t care about the others result.
Being the class rep, I get to distribute the student’s mid-term test with their score on it.
I had to fight the urge in me for the curiosity about the others marks.
So whenever I’m done distributing and the rest ask me who got the highest in class,
I can honestly tell I don’t know.
Well, even if sometimes I accidentally saw it, I still learnt to keep it a secret.
I’ve learnt to think from the others’ perspective.
That’s because I understand how much of a sensitive topic it is to certain people.
So if you wanna how much the others score, go ask them themselves la.

Being fair and unbiased
For every presentation, class rep is responsible in allocating the question.
It’s important to make sure fair allocation, meaning to say
Each group need to have roughly the same amount of question with fair allocation of marks.
Besides, rotation of question is required, meaning to say don’t let the same group do the long question every time.
This is a very sensitive area as well.
I would say this because there are people who question me in doubt of my way of allocation.
I’ve learn to be more careful and put more thoughts into every allocation of question every time since then.

Being in good terms with your superior
As the representative of the class, I'm in charge of interacting with fellow tutors.
Well, even though tutor is not literally my superior but 
Well, I love meeting people of my age, but interacting with much older people with is something new to me.
More respect are to be given and more formality.
I'm blessed to have met all the nice and easy going tutors by far.

Business and Personal are two different thing
Business is business;
Personal is personal.
They should never be mixed up.
I was once told that if you wanna be a great person, always remember to 
"start off with an empty glass of water".
This particular quote is quite useful.
Sometimes our personal feelings may get into business and hence we have prejudice towards certain things.
This quote always help to remind me to never mix things up together.
Being a friend and a class rep to somebody is two different thing yet they may get mixed up along the way.
I've learn to sacrifice my personal feelings to a certain extent to fulfill my duty.

Find it out if you have no idea
Even though there may be times where my classmate would approach me and ask question which I never thought of,
I’m still grateful about it.
Because as they ask, I realize just how little it is that I know of.
Right after that, I find my way out to get the answers, be it asking around or searching the intranet myself.
I learn to seek for a solution instead of passing the baton around expecting the answers to pop out.

Stand up back at the spot where you fell down
There are times and moments where I felt like a piece of shit to the point where I just wanna give up.
Especially when I made a mistake or times where I feel I should and could have done it better.
Because I vision myself as a better person in 2015.
I give myself a lot of pressure all this while and my emotional feelings are getting in the way.
Unless I get rid of those personal feelings, or I would remain in the mess forever.
I made the decision to put down all these negative feelings and stop being such a pathetic pessimist.
The thing is, nobody could really understand it unless they have been in that position before.
I then learn to stand strong for myself, because if I don't, who will?

 “The power behind taking responsibility for your actions lies in putting an end to negative thought patterns. You no longer dwell on what went wrong or focus on whom you are going to blame. You don't waste time building roadblocks to your success. Instead, you are set free and can now focus on succeeding.”
Lorii Myers

I would just say my classmates are all smart and independent individual.
They tend to find things out on their own so I don’t have much to worry about.
It really is an honor for me to be the class rep for Group 9.
Even though they may not be able to see this, but I still wanna express my gratitude and apologies for things that have happened for the past 2 years.
I may not have been the best, but I would say I really did tried my best.
I am sorry for the mistakes I have made that cause you all trouble.
I am also thankful for the mistakes that have harness me into a better person than I was yesterday.
I am grateful for the opportunity and trust that was given to me.
Just one last semester and I'm done with this shit haha!

Responsibility make people grow.
Oh well, at least during my years in college, I've tried holding a post.
It definitely is different being an ordinary student and being somebody who holds accountability.
Indeed, a great experience.
It also felt like an accomplishment as I've step out of my box and tried something new.
The amount of satisfaction I'm feeling right now is worth the price to pay.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Old fashioned.

Yes, I guess I'm pretty much an old school person.
I still love all these corny stuffs.

Picnic would definitely be one of my favourite activity.
Definitely a better activity than shopping to me.
I love being around the nature.
Be it at the sea, lake, forest, garden or park.
That's why picnic would be a great outing.
Especially if there is even people who brought their guitar along and play with it.
An environment with the nature, music, food and people.

My future boyfriend, please bring me to lots of picnic dating please.
I don't mind getting the food prepared.
You only have to prepare the mat and drive me there.

Art and craft is one of my specialty.
I do that whenever I'm free.
I still DIY stuff up until now.
I still write letters and cards to friends during their birthdays.

There is this box in my room where I collect every of the notes and letters people gave to me.
I'd always end up spending hours to read them back when I misses somebody.
That box contains my memory lane which bring back precious moments.

If people ask me what I'd like for souvenir,
my answers would definitely be "postcard!"
Especially those with greetings from that particular person.

Yes, I am that old fashioned.

Writing requires time,
the longer is the letter,
the more words there is,
hence more time spent on you
and more thoughts were given on YOU,

I love seeing beautiful words written down on a paper.
I love having it given to me.
Because I'd then know those words are specially meant for me.
And feel loved and appreciated.

Quality chat over tea.
Why tea but not coffee?
Well, one of the reason is because you get to refill if you order a teapot.
Getting it refill means you'd be spending longer hours over the talk.
Whilst for coffee you only get to have a cup.

I love talking about what people called the boring topic.
The get to know topic,
asking about life questions,
future career pathways,
relationships, and etc.
I enjoy listening to what others thought of life.

I'm probably one of the few person who 
isn't active on Instagram,
don't play Snapchat,
talk very little over messages.
I don't really love typing messages to be honest.
I enjoy a face to face meet up because 
overall tone of voice, gesture and facial expression matters to me.

Instagram is the platform where I had to fake things out to beautify it.
I wanna take a good shot of things.
So I spent minutes and minutes taking from a good angle, 
ensure lighting is good and etc.
Then I edit them, make sure the filter is good but not too fake.
Well, the picture may have shown I had a really good time.
Whereas in reality that may not be the case.

Everybody chase after different things in the world.
Chasing for followers and likes are definitely not my thing.
Besides, photography is also not something I'm good at.
Instagram would then be pointless for me cause I didn't need it at all.
So the question is, what am I after?

I found it.
I know it now.
 That's when I decided to stop.
I wanna live life to its fullest.
This is why I'm so old school.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I just want to write.

I really love writing.
Complementary, I'm trying to make reading one of my hobby right now and really am putting effort.
To be able to write better, it's essential to read more as they are handy together.

Well, I'm pretty much an introverted person.
Yes, I may have been loud at times when I've gotten close to you,
but that doesn't mean I'm an extroverted person.
I get very intimidated if people starts hugging me during the first meeting.

There are times where I enjoy the solitary.
Tranquility of the surrounding allows me to think.
 To enter into my imaginary world and vision things I wish to see.
Expressing my creativity freely and get lost in my thoughts along the way.

My hobby would be writing.
Nah, it doesn't mean I'm good with poetic or literature writing.
I just love putting thoughts into physical words.
The only way for me to jot down my thoughts are only through writing.
I may have been busy sometimes that I did not have the time to physically write things down.
Words in my mind come in bubbles form, 
they've not been piece up yet, but I know they're out there somewhere.

Unlike the others who have their best friend or boyfriend around,
I don't really have anybody in particular.
Everybody's growing up and the more reasons for us to be busy.
To the point where you could only see each other during birthdays.
That's why I've been such an independent person.
I tend to do everything by myself if it's within my capable means.

No, I'm not looking for a relationship where that person would be there for you 24/7,
I acknowledge the fact that everybody has their personal space,
you know they are your friends when you are able to talk even after not seeing each other for a while.

However, I still feel very lonely at times.
You know the feeling when you go through your phonebook but you have no idea who to look up to?
The moment when you thought of going somewhere but no idea who to ask?
When you need a shoulder to cry on but you thought it would be a bother.
The moment when you thought nobody cares.

I'm very reserved about my feelings.
I believe a lot of people out there are like these.
We go out there, put on a mask and show our brightest smile.
As we head back into our own room, we get rid of the mask and are grateful the day's over.
And continue to worry about our problems.
Deep down inside, I'm just a lonely lost soul.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Internship @ DAP Damansara Utama

Today marks the end of my 3-week internship.
It was a short and sweet one.
I would say that throughout this short 3-week, I've learn so much about Selangor.
It has also stimulate my interest into knowing more about my state, my country.
I've been working under YB Yeo Bee Yin which is the State Assemblywoman for Damansara Utama from Democratic Action Party (DAP).
I initially chose to work under her is mainly because I read about her introduction and I thought it was charming. And my second reason is because her office is at Damansara Utama which is near to where I live.
But little did I know I've spent 80% of my time out of the office, but it's alright.

She is such a busy person, her schedules are full and packed.
Still, for beginners who are new to politics, I really do think it's a great opportunity to be able to have my internship under her.
Be it when she drives or when we were having lunch with her, she would not miss any of that moment and use that time to brief us about the meetings she have brought us to and give us a heads up about what's going on.
She's also open to questions which helps me to understand the situation better.

Below are some of the major events that I've followed my boss to :

 Student leaders delegation from Tsing Hua University @ Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Building, Shah Alam

I was told to go Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Building @ Shah Alam on the first day of my work.
I quoted what my boss had to say about the students from Tsing Hua University from her post in facebook :
We hosted the student leaders delegation from Tsing Hua University to Selangor State Assembly this morning. I shared with them the legislative reforms that Selangor state legislature has gone through since the change of government and the steps forward to strengthen our check and balance institution. In the Q&A session, they asked many sharp questions, displaying high level of critical thinking. I must say that I was extremely impressed by the standard of Tsing Hua University students.
To be honest, even I couldn't understand some of the question they ask because it is so in-depth.
During the lunch session, we manage to chat with a few of the students from Tsing Hua University and I'd really have to say even just impressed is an understatement, they are so knowledgeable and scholarly that I would need to think twice to ask them a question, just to ensure I wasn't asking any stupid question.

 Dialogue meeting with residence in SS23 @ Tennis Court SS23

Once in a while, my boss would hold a dialogue meeting with the residence and the related party (ie. MBPJ officer, councilor) in selected areas under her constituency.
Basically, it was to let the residence raise issues regarding what is going around in their neighborhood so that this could be highlighted to the respective party.
Didn't expected the turnout rate to be so high, I mean, if it was me, I'd have rather stay at home, haha.
It is just warm to see how the residence are actually concerned about their neighborhood and surroundings that everybody plays an active role into making complaints and even given compliments to efforts made.

Climate Change Talk by Power Shift Malaysia @ Batang Kali

It was an interesting talk, there is just so much going about in the world and that pollution is really starting to affect our lives.
I got to learn about pollution, the effect of climate change on the developed countries, the reluctance of respective countries into cutting carbons and etc.
I'd love to rephrase one of the sentence spoken by my boss :
Every decision made must always come to economic sense.

It made it realize that when somebody gives out something, they would always expect to receive something which is equivalent or greater than what they have sacrificed.
Every country seek to grow and that's why nobody would compromise into cutting carbons, so it could only be left stranded aside and this would only result in the situation getting worst off as there isn't any solution to it.
The question is, is there a way stopping all of these pollution going around us?
Well, it would all depends on our mentality and actions.

 Voters Registration @ SS2 Pasar Malam

I aslo got to attend this voters registration event where a few of us would be in the SS2 pasar malam while holding the sign board and promote it.
This is mainly targeting the younger people who are 21 years old above to register as a voter in order to vote for the upcoming GE14 and also the following general election.
It is also a good exercise to raise awareness among the young adults into knowing their democratic rights as a Malaysian.
Besides, I noted a lot youngsters are actually unaware of having the power to vote and some even missed the GE13.

Quite a number of uncles and aunties asked me what am I doing holding a board, walking around and talking to strangers, so I talked with them and also encouraged them to ask for their kids who have turned 21 years old to register as a voter.
I had so much fun mingling around with them, I mean c'mon, you gotta know how to have some fun while working right?

There was also this particular uncle who got so furious and devastated that he rant about how he is totally disappointed with the current government and it's pointless as the opposition could never win, I could only tell him that every votes count and with every single additional person registered as a voter, the possibilities for the opposition to win could be higher.

Even though I've ended my internship, but I told the people in the office whenever they are organising another voters registration activity, I would try my best to avail myself as a volunteer because this is a great opportunity to help the country, this is inspired by the posts by YB Tony Pua.

Thoughts about this internship experience

Frankly speaking, I was never interested in politics before, I've always thought Malaysia is good as it is given that I've been living a peaceful life for the past 10 years.
It was only until recently with all the controversies going around in Malaysia that I start to realize I could not longer just sit here and do nothing.
That is why I decided I need to learn more and to contribute an effort as a responsible citizen of the country.

It was also throughout this internship experience that it widens my scope and have given me the chance to explore into areas I've never even care about previously.
Many have asked me :
What does studying ACCA has to do with internship that is political related?
The reason why I even chose to do this internship really isn't about my studies, it was more about how could I play an active part as a citizen.
Let me ask you, how do you think out of a box?
That is to step out of the box and think.
If you want to know more, you've got to get out of the field and try out something you've never done before, that way you could learn things from different perspective.
I've always believe that our life is a long and continuous learning process, there is just so much to learn given that limited amount of time.
I've definitely learn a good lesson here.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fitness Trio + others : Bukit Tabur East (Crystal Hill)

Fitness Trio on the go again!
A new chapter starts, this time around, we asked for the guys in our class to come along as well, since this time around we would be challenging a tougher hill and hence we thought having more boys would be safer.
Turns out this bunch of boys we're with are such jokers, they are funny, but definitely not the macho kind of guy who would assist us, hahahaha!

So here we go, Bukit Tabur East side.
Apparently, the eastern side is an easier route as compared to the western side.

There was a sign board that says we are not allowed to enter without permit as previously a lot of incidents have happened over at this place before.

Frankly speaking, after my experience, I would really say it IS a dangerous and challenging hill.
The hills are steep and it may be slippery on the way down.
Trust me, you practically slide all the way down the hill with your shoes because there is just no way walking down is possible, and it could be exciting and scary depending on how well you're able to control your inertia, if you feel like you're sliding down and it's unstoppable, whewww, that is scary!

You really need to be physically and mentally prepared.

Jia Cheng's the one who loves exploring, especially hiking.
She's always the one driving us around haha! Our Da Jie!
It's all thanks to her that we would discover such a beautiful place!

It is a steep hill.

I totally look like a ninja who's facing constipation.
But oh well, the one behind me looks way terrible! Hahaha!
She looks as though she's ready to bite anytime.

The sun ray was so strong up there I couldn't even open my eyes.

Fiona's really unlucky to be behind me.
I accidentally kicked her face on the way up there.


I would call today a mountain climbing day.
You have to look for holes and allow your hand to grab it and your foot to step on it.
Different from the indoor rock climbing, this literally has no safety gadgets.
So don't even try to joke around or scared your friends on top of this hill.
Just imagine if they miss one step and lost their grip, your friend would probably fall down the valley.
I have no idea what's down there and how far of a distance it is to down the valley.

 I'm not sure if it's misty or hazy, but I was so immersed into it.
It looks as if you have entered the wonderland.
I even picture myself as Alice who found a rabbit whole to the land of Avatar of something.

We saw different type of trees on our way up there.

This hill is named Crystal Hill for a reason.
Every piece of so-called "stone" up there is literally pieces of crystals.
Couldn't see clearly? Look below for a zoomed-in version.

Amazing view of the crystals.

I guess I was really happy to be taken shots by the camera.

They are lying, the second checkpoint is kinda far away from the peak.
But true, don't give up, good things come to those who wait and are persistent.

It was totally worth climbing up there.
The view is just breathtaking, it is a panoramic helicopter view, I was left astonished, never have expected the view to be this.....beautiful!


Group picture time!

Everybody looks like they're having fun :')

Going up was already challenging enough,
coming down is twice the challenge we face, phewww!
You have no idea how scary it could be walking downwards with your front looking at the rocks and your back to the open space while jumping down the rocks and holding the rope tightly at the same time, that amount of insecurities it could give.
It really felt as though I've gone into evolution to a spiderwoman or something.

We conquered this hill, baby!

I never regretted going to this hill, it was indeed worth the shot to try it out.
However, given the amount of risks that you'd face, this is something that you'd have to ponder upon seriously and think twice before you made a decision of whether you could go or not.
Yes, I used could, not want.
It's not a matter of whether wanting to go or not, but if you're capable of withstanding such extreme sports activity.
I could hear myself panting so loud while climbing and also my leg went shaking and numb after I was back to the usual ground

I would say my experience in Bukit Tabur (Crystal Hill) is a mixture of rock climbing and hiking.
If you are confident in this both sports activity, definitely give it a try at this hill.
But to comfort you, my stamina is actually very bad and I'm neither good at these both activities.
STILL, I managed to conquer this hill with willpower!

Looking forward to our next adventure!
More to come!